vineri, 28 mai 2010

VMDK To VHD Converter: Convert VMDK To VHD Format

Microsoft Windows Virtual PC, VMware and VirtualBox are the big names in virtualization world. Most likely, you have heard all these names. If you have installed VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC on your system, you might want to convert your VMware (VMDK) virtual hard drive images to Microsoft VPC (VHD) format.


Here is a small tool that helps you quickly convert VMDK format virtual hard drive image to VHD format. VMDK2VHD converter is a tiny tool for XP, Vista and Windows 7 to convert VMDK virtual hard drive to VHD format. The tool doesn’t require an installation. It’s a standalone tool.


How to convert VMDK virtual hard drive to VHD format:

1. Download VMDK to VHD zip file and extract the contents to see VMDK Converter folder.


2. Open the folder, run VMDK2VHD file and then select the VMware virtual hard disk (.VMDK file).

convert VMDK to VHD format

3. Select the destination folder by hitting Save as button and finally hit convert button to start converting your VMDK image to VHD.

Convert VMDK to VHD format in windows

VMWare to VHD Converter

VMDK to VHD converter for windows

VMDK to VHD Converter

4. It will take a few minutes to complete the conversion. Once done, you can use it with Microsoft VPC.


5. Good luck!